The N80 engine was born from a completely new project, without compromises, using only the best materials, and the excellence of our territory, in collaboration with one of the best Italian aeronautical companies, Air-Italy srl. A small unit, with great performance. Thrust displayed 53 kg with propeller of 130 cm at 9900 rpm.

Weight, exhaust, airbox and four rubber mounts included kg. 10,5

Technical Specifications N80

2-stroke cycle

Displacement 78 cc.

Bore 47.5

Stroke 44

Forced Air Cooling, with double fan and carbon cooling shroud

Manual Start / Flash Starter

Reduction Poly belt v / ratio 1: 3.75

Counterclockwise rotation

Crankcase casted in alloy G-Al-Si 9 uni 3051 / treated and anodized

Malossi NHR Replica cylinder kit with customized specifications for Cors-Air Motors

Malossi NHR Double Ring Piston

Diaphragm Carburetor, Walbro WB 46

NGK BR9ES spark plug

Fuel Blend 95/100 Octane Petrol with 100% Synthetic 2.2% Oil

Motor weight 10.5 kg

Power 17 CV at 9900 RPM

Static thrust 53 Kg with propeller of 130 cm at 9900 RPM