Harley Milne – USA Coast to Coast

Pal Takats

Angelo Santos

Manuel Carli

Aurelia Halle

Transasia Adventure

Recordman Gerry Mayr goes from India to Germany with just a a quad and a paramotor. 14500 km run along in one month are a new world record.

French Championship 2012 First and Third Place

Ultralight “Alatus”

World Record 2003 – Kilimanjaro

World record in distance of tandem flights – Km. 380

Anctartic Expedition 2004-2006
Anctartic Expedition 2005: first paramotor in the world to fly over Anctartica. Tim Hall and his team carry through an adventure in an extreme land.

1000 Ideas
Dreams come true and creative uses of Cors-Air engines.


Vuelo por la vida