Two-blade carbon propellers of several measures and profiles, available for M19, M25 and Black Bull. Complete of rubber case for protection during storage and transport.

Suggested models:

H30F 1,25m L-M-09-2 Black Devil 1: 2.88 125 cm

H30F 1.30m L-Z-07-2 Black Devil 1:2.88 130 cm

H30F 1.40m L-Z-06-2 Black Devil 1:2.88 140 cm

H30F 1.30m L-Z-10-2 Black Bull 1:3 130 cm

H30F 1.40m L-Z-08-2 Black Bull 1:3 140 cm

H40F 1.50m L-Z-04-2 Black Bull 1:3 150 cm

H30F 1.25M L-NM-06-2 Black Bee 125 cm

H30F 1.30M L-NM-05-2 Black Bee 130 cm 


Carbon propellers of 125 and 130 for M25. Extremely light. Equipped with Nanostrength® leading edge protection, which makes them particularly resistand to impacts.

Suggested models:

G74L 125 Black Devil 1:2.88 125 cm

G73L 130 Black Devil 1:2.88 130 cm

G77L 130 Black Bull 1:3 130 cm

G55L 130 Black Bee 130 cm