Black Devil – Hand Start

Version developed for the motorization of paramotors and trike for big pilots. Simple maintenance with common tools. It is the lighter and natural evolution of the M25 with a shape refined in great detail: same reliability, less weight, better performance. Thrust displayed 76 kg with propeller of 130 cm, 78/80 kg with propeller of 140 cm.

Weight, NEW exhaust, airbox and four rubber mounts included kg. 14,5

Technical Features
Single cylinder air cooled
Two stroke
Bore 65 mm
Stroke 52 mm
Total displacement 172.5 cc
Compression ratio 11:1
Fuel delivery to the crankcase: four blade reed-valve system connected to the crankcase
Diaphragm carburettor WB37
Reducer with Poly V belt available in 1:2,2, 1: 2,3, 1: 2.5, 1: 2,6, 1: 2.7, 1: 2.88
Continuous operating temperature 180° C, maximum temperature 230° C
Engine mounting: by 5 shock absorbing rubber mounts
Propeller rotation: counterclockwise
Maximum RPM 7900 RPM
Spark plug NGK B9ES – NGK B9ERS – DENSO W27ESR-U
Structural Features
Manual starter included (available also as hybrid version)
Crankcases molten in G-Al Si 9 UNI 3051 alloy subsequently treated
Six port distribution system
Cylinder in light silicon alloy with Cermetal protective coating
Piston with ultra-light structure reinforced with side flaps for heat dispersion. Flaps in 2 segments, 1.2 mm S10 chrome-plated semitrapezoidal cast iron.
Head in die cast aluminium alloy with high percentage of silicon and concentric combustion chamber, calculated squish
Drive shaft in 18 Ni Cr Mo5 with 5 thermic treatments on every component
Connecting rod in copper plated steel 18Ni Cr Mo 5 joined to the drive shaft through very precise high speed silver-plated roller bearings
Roller bearings fit for high speed class C3
Seal ring in Witon with very high resistance and long duration