The Team


Name and position at Cors-Air:
Alberto Castelli, general manager
Birthday: 10/11/1972
Family: engaged
Favorite task at Cors-Air:
testing the engines in flight!
Favorite song: the wall (Pink Floyd)
Favorite movie: Dead Poets Society
Favorite sentence: seize the day
My loved place: Maldive
Hobby: paramotor
Unforgettable moment:
flying over the Apuan Alps


Name and position at Cors-Air:
Consuelo Meschiari, Marketing and sales
Birthday: 20/03/1976
Family: engaged,  2 sons, David and Samuel
Favorite task at Cors-Air:
taking care of our Facebook page
Favorite song: Angels from Robbie Williams
Favorite movie: The Gladiator
Favorite sentence: think with your own head!
My loved place: Tenerife!
reading and cooking, most of all desserts
Unforgettable moment:
every time my son hugs me and his dad saying “tight tight!”


Name and position at Cors-Air:
Evelin Davoli, Customer Service, Administration
Birthday: 22/08/1973
married, 2 sons – named Matteo and Samuele
Favorite task at Cors-Air: problems solving
Favorite song: A beautiful day – U2
Favorite movie: Minions
Favorite sentence:
Leave the people who share only complaints, problems, disastrous stories,  fear and judgment about others. If somebody looks for a wastebasket for his garbage, let it not be your mind.
My loved place:
Puglia, Italy and WA- Australia .. and also San Francisco I loved that city.
Hobby: reading
Unforgettable moment:
those short moments when my family went off to bed and the house is so quite …. few seconds before I fall asleep myself.