M19Y Black Magic

End of production engine, last pieces available

Low powered engine for pilot weights up to 80 kg. It continues in the traditional configurations of the Cors-Air engines, it allows a very easy maintenance also for those pilots who are less skilled in mechanics. It is equipped with centrifugal clutch so to get prepared for flying with an engine already running, it is the ideal engine for the Flight schools, it ensures amusing and reliable performances in complete safety.

Technical Features
Engine: M19Y
Cycle: 2 strokes
Total displacement: 119,38 c.c.
Bore: 57,5 mm.
Stroke: 46 mm.
Weight: 10 kg without exhaust
Peak: RPM 9200
Cooling: by air

Structural Features
Piston: of light alloy with 2 piston ring of cast iron S10 crominium-plated
Cylinder: of silicon light alloy with surfacing of Cermetal
Head: special aluminium alloy
Crankcase: molten in alloy G-Al Si 9 UNI 3051
Carburettor: membrane
Feeding: reed valve on the crankcase
Electronic ignition: type TCI
Starter: manual
Clutch: centrifugal
Reductor: with Poly V belt
Reduction: 1:3,12 – 1:3,25
Continuous normal tempertaure: not over 250 °C
Exhaust pipe: tuned
Fuel: mixture of unleaded petrol 98 octane and oil at 2,5% normally
Oil: synthetic top quality oil for 2-stroke engines
Fixing to the frame: 5 rubber antivibration mounts