The Pilots

Name and position at Cors-Air:
Manuel Carli, Team Pilot
Birthday: 29/04/1977
Best flight experience ever:
acro world championship and Italian Championship closed at third place

Name and position at Cors-Air:
Pal Takats, team pilot
Birthday: 1985
Best flight experience ever:
every flight is a new adventure, take it all in with a smile!


Name and position at Cors-Air: Aurelia Halle, French competition pilot for corsair
Birthday: 22/02/1990
Best flight experience ever: Each flight is for me an adventure. But I think my best was the one in Mauritania. In the middle of the desert you feel shut in the dunes. After few days riding their, seeing the beauty of the sandstorm. But when the wind stops, I took some high, with the sunrise, looking at this dunes all around, going so far, it was just magic and I remember it really well. Flying over elephant and lions in Benin was great too.

Name and position at Cors-Air:
Thomas Petit, team pilot, driver of the French paramotor team – World champion trolley single seat 2016 
Birthday: 1992
Best flight experience ever:
my best flight experience at the 2016 World Championship! But all the flights I make are extraordinary since I discovered the paramotor is always a very good time of escape and freedom! 😉