The Pilots

Name and position at Cors-Air:
Manuel Carli, team pilot, and test pilot Yooda Paramotors
Birthday: 29/04/1977
Family: married, two sons
Best flight experience ever:
acro world championship and Italian Championship closed at third place
Favorite song:
Skriller and everything related to new sound
Favorite movie: Airplane!
Favorite sentence:
the world upside down is wonderful
My loved place: Norway
Hobby: cooking
Unforgettable moment:
at the police station after I made a D-Bag jump from an helicopter, destroying my paraglider

Name and position at Cors-Air:
Pal Takats, team pilot
Birthday: 1985
Best flight experience ever:
every flight is a new adventure, take it all in with a smile!
Favorite song:
Doctor Dru – Alpha Ray
Favorite movie:
The lock stock and two smoking barrels
Favorite sentence:
Work like you don’t need money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one’s watching
My loved place: the Alps
climbing, kite-surfing, base jumping
Unforgettable moment:
still keep collecting them every day!


Name and position at Cors-Air: Aurelia Halle, French competition pilot for corsair
Birthday: 22/02/1990
Family: 2 bros, younger and travelers parents
Best flight experience ever: Each flight is for me an adventure. But I think my best was the one in Mauritania. In the middle of the desert you feel shut in the dunes. After few days riding their, seeing the beauty of the sandstorm. But when the wind stops, I took some high, with the sunrise, looking at this dunes all around, going so far, it was just magic and I remember it really well. Flying over elephant and lions in Benin was great too.
Favorite song: I like 2types of songs. I love to fly with them like that when I’m in the ground listening them, I feel like I’m in the sky again. Audiomachine breath and life (musicheaven82 long version) and windfall from TheFatRat
Favorite movie: I like the movie “Tais toi ” it makes me laugh so much. Also “Leon” from Luc Besson and “Nikita” is awesome, a lot of determination on these girls life. “The big blue” is also a movie that I like because it represents to me how deep you can feel a passion.
Favorite sentence: “Qui me tente rien n’a rien” it means that if you don’t try, you’ll have nothing.
My loved place: I think my favorite place is in my gran ma’s house in Chamonix. Where you can see the Mont Blanc and feel the fresh air. But I like to travel and in each country I’ve been too, I remember a wonderful place. I remember the marble carry with the sun making the ruby and saphir shine in vietnam, or a wild beach in Hawaii, with the sunset, friends and a good glass of red wine, after a day of flying and surfing.
Hobby: I will say that my “work” is to fly and teach Paramotor and microlight but my hobbies are to fly paragliders and to skydive.
Unforgettable moment: The day I knew I have a motor ;) and all the gears to compete this year. Every day is a special day and when you fly, each flight is an unforgettable moment. Because the weather can be so surprising you always need to adapt the way you pilot. And I like that. Playing, to try to be the less surprised by the weather.